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Shep's Place

by Joe Sheppard

With a little help from his friends...
Although Joe officially retired in June 2013, he remains active at LA, continuing as a contributing writer and editor for the Academy Journal and as an assistant to the faculty advisor of the student newspaper - Spectrum. We trust you'll enjoy Shep's Place and check back often to read Joe's habitually witty, often poignant, and always insightful vignettes about life at Lawrence Academy.

The Leaves of Brown…


Fall is here, LA’s fields echo to the shouts and cheers of soccer, football and field hockey teams—the latter two being played on a new turf field—and for the third year I don’t have to drag my aging bones out of bed at 6:15 a.m. to get to that first morning assembly.

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday October 6
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O’er the Fields

My very first view of Lawrence Academy happened in the fall of 1959, when I was an eleventh-grade bench-warmer on the St. Mark’s JV soccer team and we took a bus to Groton to play this school that I had never heard of.

It had been raining, and the sky was still gray when we turned onto Route …

Posted by webmaster on Sunday June 14
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What am I gonna do with all this STUFF?

Jeffers & Husted: Guardians of the ArchivesDick Jeffers sighs as he settles into his vintage swivel chair behind a vintage desk in his eponymous Heritage Center. His cohort, Paul Husted ’64, seated opposite him in matching luxe, nods in empathy. The room, in the Ansin Building, wouldn’t yet interest the producers of “…

Posted by webmaster on Monday April 27 at 07:39AM
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The Not-So-Mysterious Nurse Waters

Even though I lived in her house for five years and have loved its funky Victorian grandeur for a lot longer than that, I never knew much about Yssabella Waters, the Groton native who had willed her family home to Lawrence back in the 1930s. For that matter, I doubt that more than a couple of people…

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday February 24
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With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm

Scary StairsI've mentioned before in this column that my first home at LA, back in the 1960s, was, as Mr. Ferguson described it to me in a summer letter, "a single room and bath in Waters House." For the first year or two it was just that. No kitchen, one room, one closet—with a trap door. It was bright
Posted by webmaster on Friday January 16 at 10:01AM
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