Assistant Director of Athletics: Training and Program
Posted 03/06/2013 11:56AM

Lawrence Academy seeks an experienced, versatile professional in athletic training and athletic program to lead the department in assuring the health, safety, training, equipping, and overall performance of all of our student athletes and of our athletic program. In addition to the customary duties of an athletic trainer (outlined in the detailed descriptions below), the duties of this position include promoting a vision and strategy for advancing the manifold aspects of the athletic program, from staffing to schedule to facilities to equipment. This position will work in tandem with the current Athletic Director and Assistant Athletic Director and in conjunction with school administration and leadership in advancing the athletic program itself and in assimilating athletics into the overall curriculum and mission of Lawrence Academy.

The precise scope and range of job responsibilities will be calibrated upon the background and talents of the successful candidate. However, skills desired and needed include the following: leadership qualities in terms of initiative, capacity for oversight, and long-range thinking; ability to communicate both a vision and a management plan effectively with both colleagues and students; strong organizational and managerial skills; and a demonstrated ability to work effectively across a wide range of skills and functions including day-to-day operations, record-keeping, compliance, and oversight of facilities use. In short, this position seeks to bridge and balance the day-to-day care of student-athletes with the long-term care and advancement of the athletic program and the school’s mission as a whole.

Specific expectations and responsibilities include the following (full set of qualifications and responsibilities available upon request and upon hiring):

Departmental Expectations

Expectations for Athletic Training

Abilities/ Credentials