Posted 01/07/2011 10:06AM

 . Kevin Sullivan announced that new equipment (pool table, ping pong table, etc.) will be in the Student Lounge starting this weekend. He asked that students take the responsibility of keeping it in good shape.

. The activity schedule for this weekend includes 2 vans to the Burlington Mall for shopping and movies tonight; snow tubing or pizza and snacks on campus Saturday; and Walmart taxi on Sunday for shopping.

. Spectrum editor Emily Fox said the staff is looking for more writers and encouraged freshmen and sophomores to put it on their radar as they look for ways to get involved. Meeting this afternoon in the College Office.

. Matt Bosselait announced that WRLA is up and running and that they would love to have more people involved in all aspects of the station, as DJs or behind the scenes. Contact him if you are interested.

. Libby Margraf noted that students are missing their Friday night commitments, so she has adopted a new policy taking a moment at Friday assemblies to read off the names of those who need to be present on Friday night.

. Softball players who will be traveling to Florida will meet today during M/X.

. Sydney Bagley and Connor Kilian read a weekly quote for ABLE and announced a meeting this afternoon during M/X.

. Kathy Noble reported on recent sports events, including boys’ varsity hockey defeating Cushing 2–1 to win our holiday tournament and girls’ varsity hockey beating Rivers 2–0 in the Harrington tournament.

. The fitness center has new equipment and is open every afternoon. Check it out.

. Everyone is reminded that snow cancellations for athletic events can be found on the Web’s team page, where you can set up a function to be automatically alerted to your cell phone. Faculty and Student News will also post info on changes, and you can call the Sports Hotline.

. Seniors were reminded to give their $5 toward the Senior Challenge.

. Mr. Wiggins announced that Lawrence Academy succeeded in raising nearly $200K (including a $50K E.E. Ford Foundation grant) for the William Mees Visiting Scholars Program, which will allow the school to bring academic scholars to school for lectures and workshops.

. Mr. Wiggins summarized the process of searching for a new head of school and noted that the Board of Trustees will be sitting in during Friday classes after morning assembly on January 21.

. During Tuesday’s assembly, Mr. Wiggins will make a presentation about the school’s bullying prevention plan