Groffman: The Ecological Homogenization of Urban America
Posted 01/26/2016 06:00PM

Groton, MA – Lawrence Academy is pleased to announce this school year's J. William Mees Visiting Scholar.

Click for a full PDFDr. Peter M. Groffman will be on campus in Groton working with the LA science department and students, February 3 - 5, and will present "The Ecological Homogenization of Urban America" publicly in the Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 7:00 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.

"We're proud of the visiting scholar program and its ability to bring diverse and dynamic voices to campus," said Assistant Head of School Rob Moore. "Dr. Groffman's work is well known and fits well with our current discussions on campus."

A professor with the City University of New York, the Advanced Science Research Center, and Brooklyn College Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Studies, Dr. Groffman will discuss how our penchant for developing cookie-cutter cities is homogenizing the landscape. Cities and suburbs in very different parts of America share familiar patterns of roads, neighborhoods, commercial areas, landscaping, and water features.

Dr. Groffman will also explain how these similarities can help us understand land use change from local to continental scales.

Attendees will learn how lawns and other development choices influence biogeochemical cycles, how eco-minded planning can improve the way urban areas process potential pollutants like nitrogen and carbon, and why Dr. Groffman suggests that, in today’s changing world, we need to tune into “bio-geo-socio-chemistry.”

Established in 2010, the J. William Mees Visiting Scholar Endowment Fund makes Dr. Groffman’s visit to campus possible.

Previous Mees Visiting Scholars include:

2014-15 Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer, lyricist, actor
2013-14 Dar Williams, singer/songwriter; Dr. Tim Fukawa-Connelly and Dr. Adam Boucher, Mathematicians
2012-13 Taylor Mali, poet
2011-12 Andres Dubus III, author